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  • Dr. Tom Woods Visits Liberty University
    Dr. Woods talked about the cult of personality of the U.S. Presidency and was full of information during his visit to Liberty University to speak to our YAL chapter. He was articulate and engaging. Though around 80 people came to this event, LU's School of Government had no representation. They preach about limited government but bring out pomp and circ […]
  • YAL @ Ripon College, Spring '14
    We of YAL @ Ripon College began our spring activism at the Student Activities Fair on December 31, 2013. We used a combination of the materials provided to us by YAL and Advocates for Self Government in our tabling. Our table, which was advantageously positioned so that everyone who walked in the room saw us, was filled with the materials we thought would ap […]

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  • Missing Comma: Concerning “Horizontal Loyalty” on C4SS Media
    C4SS Media presents Trevor Hultner‘s “Missing Comma: Concerning ‘Horizontal Loyalty’” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. I think, for a long time, we’ve been trying to look for new ways to talk about concepts like mutual aid and solidarity; horizontal loyalty, at least as Krulwich describes it (and as Friedman uses it), serves exactly this… […]
  • Wars and Rumors of Wars
    And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Welcome to C4SS’s newest regular blog, Wars and Rumors of Wars. Here, we will explore issues of war and peace, ranging from foreign and military… […]
  • A quem os pobres pedem reintegração de posse?
    Na última sexta-feira (11/04), ocorreu a reintegração da posse da Oi de um terreno em um subúrbio do Rio de Janeiro. A área era conhecida como “favela da Telerj” e havia sido ocupada por cerca de 5.000 pessoas, a maior parte vinda das favelas de Mandela, Manguinhos e Jacarezinho, que ergueram casas improvisadas. Houve sérios… […]

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