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  • End the War on Youth at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay!
    Over March 31 and April 1, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay's YAL chapter tabled eight total hours educating on the War on Youth.We talked to tons of students and explained to them the unfairness of the expectation that they will pay off the national debt. Many were outraged. The giant beer pong game and free candy really got through to them, too! We h […]
  • Visualize the National Debt at the University of Hawaii - Hilo
    The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UH Hilo had a super fun time doing our biggest event of the semester, Visualize the National Debt! Thanks to the generous funding form the Leadership Institute, and the tabling materials from both YAL and SFL our YAL chapter really turned out a completely amazing activism event!!  Our debt clock was very popular amo […]

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  • Missing Comma: the #myNYPD Anti-campaign is Not a PR Failure
    What happens when the New York Police Department – famous for its racial profiling, Stop and Frisk, spying on Muslims, ripping people’s testicles out and beating up and groping protesters – tries to use Twitter to improve its public relations image? Well, people who have been stop-and-frisked, racially profiled, spied on, beat up and groped… […]
  • Libertarianism And Private Prisons: Response To Gus DiZerega Part One
    Gus DiZerega recently published a blog post about libertarian ideology and private prisons. He quoted a Facebook comment I left on a status update about the topic. This blog post constitutes a response to Gus. A comment will also be posted on his blog. The reader is encouraged to check it out. In said piece;… […]
  • O gnosticismo do poder
    Aqueles que detêm o poder frequentemente ignoram as condições do mundo real e as limitações materiais à transformação de suas ordens em realidade. Isso ocorre por alguns motivos: seu poder os isola da experiência direta do mundo material e das limitações concretas da realidade material. Por exemplo, no começo deste mês, a Suprema Corte do… […]

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