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  • Libertarian students are leading the fight for free speech on campus
    My latest piece at The Daily Caller discusses how libertarian students are fighting restrictive campus speech codes:...This movement is far more than a handful of judicial rulings. In fact, consistent victory in the courts is a symptom of a changing campus. More than ever before, college students are turning away from statism, choosing instead from a wide ra
  • First General Meeting at the University of Illinois
    The University of Illinois YAL chapter held our first general meeting this week. Thanks to hearty efforts to welcome new students, there was an excellent turn out of students who were eager to engage in discussion of freedom in society, freedom for markets, and freedom have had a few changes in our administration since last year. New President

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  • Por que os debates eleitorais são um circo
    O jornalismo moderno, uma versão do ideal de Walter Lippman de intermediação dos fatos entre o público e as elites, é especialmente adaptado à produção corporativa de notícias e análises. Como observou Kevin Carson, o modelo jornalístico atual requer mínima referência aos fatos, já que os fatos não são independentemente importantes e devem ser avalizados...
  • There is More to Industrial Enclosure than Patents on Feed 44
    C4SS Feed 44 presents Dawie Coetzee‘s “There is More to Industrial Enclosure than Patents” read and edited by Nick Ford. I wonder about the motivation in forgoing these patents, given that many are relatively toothless. Tesla obviously wishes to play the heroic underdog, to imply solidarity with the open-source movement despite operating in an industry legal
  • Public Transportation for the People
    On July 11, the Brazilian federal government decided against selling monopolies on interstate mass transportation to selected companies. The government was trying to pick companies to operate along several routes, but the procedure, started in August 2013 and supposed to finish in January 2014, was suspended by several judicial injunctions and predictably ma

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