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  • To Honor Life: An Evening on the Death Penalty
         (Click image to see our chapter on the local news) The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Tennessee held their largest event of the semester, “To Honor Life: An Evening on the Death Penalty”. A huge crowed of students attended the event despite being able to watch the Lady Volunteers play a […]
  • Executing Scott Panetti: An Abuse of Power in Texas
    Whenever a state has the power to execute, there is the potential for it to abuse this power. An abuse of this power is currently on display in Texas, which is trying to execute a man with severe mental illness.Texas has scheduled an execution date of December 3 for Scott Panetti, who was convicted of […]

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  • The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 61
    George H. Smith begins discussing the ideas of Bishop Butler. Matt Peppe discusses the U.S. invasion of Panama. Patrick Cockburn discusses the torture report. Kevin Carson discusses the question that Michael Lind has yet to answer. David Roediger discusses the defenders of police violence. David Stockman discusses Wall Street crony capitalist plunder. Sheldon Richman discusses...
  • Big Business and the Rise of American Statism on Feed 44
    C4SS Feed 44 presents “Big Business and the Rise of American Statism” from the book Markets Not Capitalism, written by Roy A. Childs, read by Stephanie Murphy and edited by Nick Ford. The purpose of this particular essay is simply to apply some of the principles of libertarianism to an interpretation of events in a very special and important...
  • So, To Summarize …
    In 1950, the US went to (undeclared, and under pro forma UN auspices) war with North Korea. In 1953, the parties (the US, the UN, South Korea on one side, North Korea on the other) negotiated a cease-fire, which has now been in effect for 61 years. Over the years, various incidents have occurred which strained...

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