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  • Clemson University Fall Recruitment Drive!
    This week at Clemson's organization fair Tiger Prowl we had a super successful Recruitment Drive. With some excellent teamwork between Doug, Aaron and Lisa, we were able to get 95 new member signups!The interest we got from students was pretty overwhelming. We’ve even had students emailing asking about leadership positions in our chapter and if we can r
  • Canisius College YAL Takes on Freshmen Orientation
    The YAL Chapter at Canisius College got off to a good start this fall semester. We tabled at the New Students Club Fair on campus during freshman orientation the weekend before classes started.  We found many students who were enthusiastic about our chapter and what we stand for. This is important, as these freshmen will be the future leaders of the chapter

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  • The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 45
    Patrick Cockburn discusses the failed War on Terror and the Saudi connection. Sheldon Richman discusses mission creep in Iraq. Lucy Steigerwald discusses proportionality in American law and order. A. Barton Hinkle discusses whether there could be more Fergusons or not. Scott Shackford discusses libertarian views on freedom of association and gay marriage. Ja
  • Please Consider Donating to is having its annual fundraising drive. is definitely a site worth donating to and visiting daily. Its been an indispensable source of information and opinion for me. There are always interesting editorials worth reading and plenty of news to inform you. Not to mention that it’s a single issue site that offers perspectives...
  • International Courts vs. the Nation State
    Amnesty International declared that the sentence passed by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, on a case in which the Guatemalan government did not investigate the tragic murder of a teenager, tells the whole world that violence against women will not be tolerated. Maria Isabel Veliz Franco was 15 when she was sexually abused, tortured and...

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