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  • To Honor Life: An Evening on the Death Penalty
         (Click image to see our chapter on the local news) The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Tennessee held their largest event of the semester, “To Honor Life: An Evening on the Death Penalty”. A huge crowed of students attended the event despite being able to watch the Lady Volunteers play a […]
  • Executing Scott Panetti: An Abuse of Power in Texas
    Whenever a state has the power to execute, there is the potential for it to abuse this power. An abuse of this power is currently on display in Texas, which is trying to execute a man with severe mental illness.Texas has scheduled an execution date of December 3 for Scott Panetti, who was convicted of […]

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  • To Discipline and Surveil
    In the wake of an uprising in Ferguson, Barack Obama requested hundreds of millions of dollars to arm the police with cameras. This, he thought, was a way of holding police accountable. And he was right, it feeds into the system of “accountability” already in place in local justice systems. It holds them accountable to...
  • A pergunta que Michael Lind simplesmente não vai responder
    No ano passado, no Salon, Michael Lind fez “a pergunta que os libertários simplesmente não podem responder” (“The question libertarians just can’t answer“, 4 de junho de 2013): “Por que não há países libertários? (…) Se o libertarianismo fosse uma boa ideia, ao menos um país não o teria tentado?”. Ele recebeu algumas respostas —...
  • Leninismo corporativo
    Dilma Rousseff, en su campaña para la reelección a la presidencia de Brasil, declaró que su oponente Marina Silva pretendía “regalar a los banqueros” el control de la economía brasileña. El bluff electoral de Dilma asumía que los votantes creen que los banqueros hoy en día no marcan el rumbo de la economía nacional. Ni...

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