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  • Kansas is red, right?
    Kansas is a conservative's paradise. The heart of the Bible belt, where Republicans are aplenty and Democrats are afraid to be vocal. A state that passes fresh tax cuts right at the end of recession making FDR roll in his grave and Reagan applaud. In a state this conservative it would seem easier than not […]
  • Incarceration Nation @ UNC Charlotte
    Our chapter did a lot of promotion for our activism event, spending hours outside handing out flyers, putting posters up all over school, and even requesting that the school send out an announcement for the event through their system.A couple days before the event we ran into a weather related problem, it decided to storm […]

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  • Let the Clock Run Out on the NSA
    Regarding the feverish effort either to reauthorize, “reform,” or abolish the National Security Agency’s collection of our phone and email data, two things need to be said: First, thank you, Edward Snowden. Second, isn’t it great to see the ruling elite panicking? Of course, the discussion about NSA collection of our “metadata” wouldn’t be happening...
  • A GM ousa ser estúpida
    Logo após a publicação de meu recente artigo “Se isso é seu, venha pegar“, fiquei sabendo por uma matéria publicada no Boing Boing por Cory Doctorow que a General Motors (GM) também declarou que você não é realmente dono daquilo que compra. Para ser mais claro, o software utilizado no veículo é meramente “licenciado” para...
  • Informe del coordinador de medios hispanos, abril-mayo de 2015
    Durante los meses de abril y mayo traduje al español “El alma del hombre bajo el capitalismo según Sowell” y “Si el mercado es libre, no hay que temer por las nuevas tecnologías”, ambos de Kevin Carson, “Rothbard pervierte las ideas de Marx” de Erick Vasconcelos, y “Baltimore al límite” de David S. D’Amato. Escribir...

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