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  • Jumpstart your career!
    Applications are now open for the Generation Liberty Fellowship program!This is an all-expenses-paid opportunity to advance your career in the liberty movement.50 fellows will be selected to participate in the program and join hundreds of free-market leaders at SPN’s 23rd Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI from September 28 – October 2.This competitive program offers […]
  • First Annual Wisconsin YAL Leadership Forum
    On Saturday, April 25 I had the privilege of organizing the first annual Wisconsin YAL Leadership Forum hosted by the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Although we only had about two weeks to create such an important event, at least 6 chapters were represented and nearly 20 people attended!At the forum we had interactive sessions […]

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  • Altruísmo no Nepal
    Um terremoto de magnitude 7.8 devastou o Nepal. Construções, novas e antigas, ruíram. Casas mais antigas de alvenaria e madeira foram reduzidas a escombros. Em uma entrevista ao jornal britânico The Guardian, Bhaskar Gautam, um sociólogo local, descreve a situação das pessoas mais vulneráveis: “Fora de Kathmandu, são os pobres em áreas rurais. Dentro da...
  • Sunflowers in the Concrete
    Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective, Second Edition by scott crow (PM Press 2014), 288 pages. Four years ago, anarchist activist and co-founder of the radical humanitarian aid organization Common Ground Relief (formerly the Common Ground Collective) scott crow released his memoir about the nearly three months where he and...
  • The Absurdity of Criminalizing Drug Use
    Statists put forth some fairly ridiculous arguments regarding why the state must exist in the first place, from regulating simple business transactions to policing what we do in our personal lives. Out of all the regulations state-supporters say are “necessary,” the criminalization of drug use is the most detestable. People partake in many sordid vices,...

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