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  • Executing Scott Panetti: An Abuse of Power in Texas
    Whenever a state has the power to execute, there is the potential for it to abuse this power. An abuse of this power is currently on display in Texas, which is trying to execute a man with severe mental illness.Texas has scheduled an execution date of December 3 for Scott Panetti, who was convicted of murdering his wife’s parents in 1992. Panetti suffers fro
  • Tax Your Stash with YAL @ Millersville!
    For Halloween, Young Americans for Liberty at Millersville University created a Tax Your Stash event as our first fiscally focused activism event of the year. Up until this point, our chapter had only done social activism events, so we put our heads together and brainstormed to create this fun event!At our Tax Your Stash table, we had four Trick or Treat pum

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  • Plymouth Stock
    The talking point popular among right-leaning libertarians that the Plymouth colony is an example of the failure of the commons has been dealt with on C4SS. But it takes a list to make clear just how often the same piece has been rewritten: Tom Bethell, “How Private Property Saved the Pilgrims”, the Hoover Institution’s Hoover...
  • Victims of Abortion Criminalization on Feed 44
    C4SS Feed 44 presents Valdenor Júnior‘s “Victims of Abortion Criminalization” read by Christopher B. King and edited by Nick Ford. I agree with jurist Ronald Dworkin in his book Life’s Dominion. He states that people wish to ban abortion because they understand there is some intrinsic value to life that must be preserved. However, that sacred value is...
  • Challenging the Motives Behind War on Feed 44
    C4SS Feed 44 presents Chad Nelson‘s “Challenging the Motives Behind War” read by Christopher B. King and edited by Nick Ford. But in war, all the war-making murderer needs is a place where he or she claims bad people exist. To hell with other details or circumstances. The rest of the war-making murderer’s conduct gets blanket immunity so...

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