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  • NRA University at MTSU
    Middle Tennessee State University Young Americans for Liberty recently held their first major event of the semester. The event dealt with one of our most fundamental rights in the Constitution, the Second Amendment The National Rifle Association worked with our chapter to host a NRA University.  The purpose of the event was to get students informed on […]
  • Nobel Laureate or terrorist?
    Last Wednesday at the University of Virginia we hosted Rebiya Kadeer. Ms. Kadeer is a native Uyghur from the East Turkestan region of China, also known as the Xinjiang autonomous region.She was a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman before speaking out against the human rights abuses of the Chinese government, which resulted in her arrest and imprisonment […]

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  • Desktop Regulatory State in the News Again
    According to the received version of “interest group pluralism” in J.K. Galbraith’s book American Capitalism, there’s supposed to be a sort of check-and-balance system (Galbraith called it “countervailing power”) between big business, government regulatory agencies and organized labor. But what usually happens in the real world, when the allegedly “opposing” centers of power are so...
  • State Sterilization: Alive and Well in America
    Recent investigations by the Associated Press into the practices of Tennessee prosecutors during plea-deal negotiations have alerted Americans to one of their government’s most gruesome and supposedly forbidden traditions: forced prisoner sterilization. According to AP reporter Sheila Burke, a recent example of this practice involved a mentally ill Tennessee woman whose infant child died under...
  • Support AK Press!
    The worker-run independent publisher and radical book distributor AK Press recently had a major setback because of a nearby warehouse fire. Happily, no one in the warehouse that AK resides in was harmed and everyone got out safely. But unfortunately several units (including AK’s) took water and smoke damage. In addition the City of Oakland...

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