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The Kent State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is currently forming!

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To be determined.

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  • Six things libertarians should like about France
    As a francophile among libertarians, I get that I'm in the minority. For whatever reason, "red-blooded" Americans seem to get a kick out of mocking of our amis from across the pond. But did you know that there's a lot for libertarians to love about France? Here's just a few things of many!1. The ancient French were the ultimate entre
  • ObamaCare, The NSA, Pizza, and YOU!
    Now that Obamacare has rolled out and with the NSA exposed of its data collection program, can you imagine the state of our healthcare system and privacy when you're simply ordering a pizza? Not to be an alarmist, but this can of course devolve into something dangerous to our freedoms — just go to your airport after the Patriot Act — do you still feel t

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  • Paul Krugman e as fantasias libertárias
    Em artigo recente para o New York Times, Paul Krugman criticou os libertários por “viverem em um mundo de fantasia”, afirmando que há, normalmente, bons motivos para os burocratas ignorarem o julgamento individual em favor de suas próprias preferências. Quando alguém afirma que se opõe a um livre mercado pleno, o que essa pessoa na...
  • Liberal and Libertarian Conceptions of Policing: Response to Armanda Marcotte
    Armanda Marcotte recently wrote about the supposed refutation of libertarian arguments represented by the Ferguson protests. She acts surprised that a “few libertarian types,” other than Radley Balko, are attempting to sound consistent on police power in Ferguson, as if most libertarians had previously been endorsing this kind of policing response. She also
  • Liberty in America During the Great War
    There’s always plenty for libertarians to complain about in our troubled world, but in many respects, things could be much worse. I’m thinking particularly of how the U.S. government punished dissent before, during, and even after America’s participation in World War I. Although it will be a few years before we observe the centenary of...

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