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The Kent State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is currently forming!

To be determined.

To be determined.

Coming soon!

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  • YAL Chapter at SUNY Albany makes Campus Reform
    On Wednesday, March 25, Bill Nye "The Science Guy" spoke at the State University of New York at Albany promoting his new book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. The speech began well, with Nye speaking about his debate on evolution recently with Ken Ham but quickly transitioned to preaching for a Carbon Tax in […]
  • Official recognition at GW!
    After a few weeks of waiting, YAL at George Washington University is finally starting to take off. Today we received word that our application to gain official recognition by the university and become a listed student organization was accepted! We're all so excited to get things started and host our Incarceration Nation event, which is […]

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  • Mandatory Voting: A Bad Idea
    President Obama thinks that forcing us to vote might be a good idea. That he could favor punishing people for not voting — which means taking their money by force and imprisoning or even shooting them if they resist — is unsurprising. The essence of government is violence — aggressive, not defensive, force. Government is...
  • Radical Potential: Our Blatant Opposition to the Status Quo
    This election cycle’s crop of uninspiring presidential hopefuls, now including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, must be a relief to those favoring mass disillusionment with electoral politics. No candidate, Rand Paul included, represents a convincing alternative to the status quo. Contrast this with the current president, whose appeals to “hope” and “change” convinced many Americans of...
  • Informe del coordinador de medios hispanos, marzo de 2015
    Durante el mes de marzo traduje al español mi artículo “Mentiras a diestra y siniestra: La muerte del fiscal Alberto Nisman”, “¡Hey Google, no seas malo!” de Kevin Carson, y “‘Reforma plolítica’, el nuevo término de moda impulsado por el gobierno” de Erick Vasconcelos. Como de constumbre, aprovecho para invitarte a hacer una donación de...

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