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The Kent State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is currently forming!

To be determined.

To be determined.

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  • Mandatory Minimum Mugshots at Baylor
    Baylor University YAL's discussion unit on the War on Drugs culminated in an event last Wednesday focusing on mandatory minimum sentencing.Our members constructed a prison cell and had Baylor students take pictures in it, holding profiles of people sentenced using mandatory minimums. The profiles, which were structured like booking cards, also gave an o
  • Rule of Law or Rule of Man?
    Yesterday it came to light that Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, was discharged from the Navy Reserves for testing positive for cocaine use. This news story reminded me how lopsided the rule of law is in the ostensible Constitutional republic that is the United States.A major component of a free society is that the law applies to everyone equally

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  • ISIS and Ukraine: They’ll Say Anything on Feed 44
    C4SS Feed 44 presents Thomas L. Knapp‘s “ISIS and Ukraine: They’ll Say Anything” read by Christopher King and edited by Nick Ford. We all remember how Vietnam ended. After two lost ground wars in Asia in the last 12 years, after recourse to the history book accounts of the post-WWII era, you might expect Obama to have...
  • El partidismo servil de los socialistas brasileños
    Con el comienzo de la segunda ronda de la campaña de las elecciones presidenciales de Brasil entre la actual presidenta y candidata del Partido de los Trabajadores (PT), Dilma Rousseff, y el candidato del Partido de la Socialdemocracia Brasileña (PSDB), Aécio Neves, una gran parte del electorado y los políticos vinculados a los partidos de...
  • Political Governance and Natural Boundaries on Feed 44
    C4SS Feed 44 presents Grant Mincy‘s “Political Governance and Natural Boundaries” read by Christopher King and edited by Nick Ford. What is imperiling the desert is human domination of the landscape. Planning, zoning and development ultimately seek economic growth. There are of course guidelines and restrictions, town hall meetings and financial statements,

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