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The Kent State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is currently forming!

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To be determined.

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  • How Barack Obama spends his leisure time is the least of our worries
    I don’t know if it’s a longstanding American tradition to waste political discussion on topics that really don’t matter, but in the last decade or so, we seem to have really honed this skill:The frequency and cost of President Obama’s golfing trips is a favorite topic.Apparently he doesn’t lift heavy enough weights at the gym.Any time the Obama family takes
  • YAL @ SUNY Albany Chooses Charity at Community Gardens
    Our Documentarian Ashlee Casper got in touch with Community Gardens in Troy to set up a charity event for us to volunteer. We got up at 5 a.m. to go help them strip their new building for remodeling!We punched out ceiling panels and pulled down insulation.This event was a reminder that there are people out there who do charitable things voluntarily, and that

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  • Sua identidade de gênero não pertence ao estado
    A identidade de gênero de grande parte da população não causa nenhum espanto durante a interação social, uma vez que corresponde ao seu sexo biológico Mas não devemos esquecer a batalha dos transexuais pelo direito de autodeterminação de sua identidade de gênero. Nem sempre a identidade de gênero de uma pessoa corresponde ao sexo biológico. […]
  • Entrepreneurial Anti-Capitalism: The Anarchist Black Cross
    Prisons are the antithesis of all we stand for as anarchists. While we seek a society built around peace and bodily autonomy, prisons are violent institutions that trap inmates at gunpoint and make them vulnerable to rape and murder. Where we seek justice through restitution, reconciliation, and self-defense, prisons are based on punitive vengeance. While […
  • The Coming White Terror
    There is going to be a time of repression in this country. It may be quite harsh. For many, including libertarians, it may be frightening and discouraging. For the only vaguely committed it will be too much to bear and they will move back to safe positions in liberal-land or conservative-country, those establishment enclaves whose […]

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