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The Kent State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is currently forming!

To be determined.

To be determined.

Coming soon!

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  • Incarceration Nation @ UMBC
    After a bit of difficulty with our school event software, YAL at University of Maryland Baltimore County managed to pull off our Incarceration Nation event with great success!We managed to get at least a page of sign-ups, and talk to quite a few students on our campus. We plan on showing the documentary at our […]
  • UNC YAL's Incarceration Nation
    UNC YAL did worrrkkkk.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Incarceration Nation event drew many to learn about criminal justice reform. Students were aghast to hear about mandatory minimum sentencing, and that 93% of people we lock up are for non-violent crimes. One of the more powerful moments of the day was when a lady came […]

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  • The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 79
    David Sirota discusses the parade of phony GOP “libertarians”. Charles Burris on why Ayn Rand got Robin Hood wrong. Eric Margolis discusses a WW1 Churchill crime. Steven Horowitz discusses how capitalism contributed to feminism and gay marriage. Justin Raimondo discusses the Saudi state as our enemy. Doug Bandow discusses why America should say no to...
  • A Freed Society Would Not Be Problem-Free
    In 1970 country singer Lynn Anderson had a hit recording of a Joe South song that opened with the line: I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden. I often think of that song in connection with the libertarian philosophy. You may be asking: for heaven’s sake, why? Because it’s what I...
  • Lacaio dos banqueiros não se olha no espelho
    Em discurso recente à Mortgage Bankers Association, o senador americano Ben Sasse — um calouro republicano do estado do Nebraska — jocosamente acusou sua colega Elizabeth Warren de pretender remover todo o risco da economia. Presumivelmente, ele pretende dizer que Warren quer proteger as pessoas comuns de riscos como financiamentos habitacionais com pagamentos insustentáveis graças...

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