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The Kent State chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is currently forming!

To be determined.

To be determined.

Coming soon!

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  • SUNY Oneonta's Incarceration Nation
    Hello ladies, gentlemen, and NSA Agents illegally monitoring all of our communications!My name is Aaron Hass, I'm the YAL President for SUNY Oneonta. This past semester, as many other chapters around the country, we put on an event called "Incarceration Nation" to teach our campus about our great nation's not so great justice system.The goal […]
  • Successful UTEP YAL Incarceration Nation event!
    On Thursday, April 9, 2015 the Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at University of Texas, El Paso hosted an incredible and successful event to create awareness and educate students on the dangerously and rapidly rising incarceration rates of our nation and of our world.We had three public speakers, Robert Vega Jr. - a motivational speaker […]

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  • Cops are Afraid? Good. on Feed 44
    C4SS Feed 44 presents Nick Ford‘s “Cops are Afraid? Good.” read by Chad Nelson and edited by Nick Ford. “One statistic missing from this picture is the number of citizens gunned down by police officers per year. That’s largely because that statistic relies on the willingness of police departments to hold themselves accountable and self-report these incidents....
  • Comebacks Require Leaving
    For as much as empire persists, it goes rather unmentioned by virtually anyone outside of Left opposition to it, which has (unfortunately) little weight in the US at all. Those who support US hegemony & keep it going have learned over time to use code words & feelgood lies to avoid having to actually discuss...
  • Se isso é seu, venha pegar
    Se você estiver prestando atenção às tendências dentro do direito autoral nos últimos dez anos, você já deve ter notado que as corporações estão ganhando cada vez mais poder sobre o que alegam ser, por direito, “seu”. Uma das maiores empresas de maquinário agrícola, a John Deere, é a última a assumir a responsabilidade por...

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